K8-NB width?

I am currently toying with overclocking my AMD Athlon II X2 240 processor. I have tried to read as much I could on the net but there are still a few things I don't get.

I have a Biostar mcp6pb m2+ mother board, the 240 processer with the stock heatsink and fan. 4 gigs of PNY optima memory, 9800GTX+ video card and windows 7.

After messing around and fiddling with settings I managed to push the processor to 3.5 gigs. I played with the other settings until I got them close to stock I got the HT bus freq. to a little under stock (3500) and the memory a tad over stock. In order to do this I had to set the K8-NB width to 8-8 instead of auto or 16-16.

I am going to be honest here, I have no clue what that setting does lol. Is this an ok setting, or would I be better off putting it back in auto and backing off my clock setting until it boots and runs well?

Mean I like the fact that it "says" 3.5 gigs, but if by lowering the k8-NB setting I some halfed my performance it seems kind of pointless.

Any information would be greatly welcome.

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  1. Ok, I ran some benchmark tests. Everything went up except my 3d graphics, they went down slightly. So I am guessing the k8-nb width has something to do my pci e and my video card? It didn't go down much but it did take a slight hit. Maybe I will play some more.
  2. Ok I sort of figured it out. Still not sure what the "width" represents but I got it to work in 16-16. I just upped the HT voltage one step in my bios and it boots up fine. I had to drop the memory setting down a bit too to make it stable.

  3. hey,
    i got same cpu & ram as yours, u know they say it's not compatible?
    at first i said, what a bunch of load, it all works great, but they got me worried...
    and then... mirrors edge gettin stuck on full (didnt before oc)...
    no overheats... so today i'll prime95 it, then i'll sandra it, then i'll superPI it.
    and i'll tell u whats up.

    (btw i'm running on asus m4a77td with palit gtx 260)

    i'll either kill that ram either prove every1 wrong... :)
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