Creative Titanium Fatality Pro to replace Xonar DX?

Hi All,

I'm considering replacing the Xonar DX with Creative Titanium Fatality Pro. I am currently connecting via SPDIF Optical to Creative 5.1 Speakers.

Not a creative Fanboy by any means, but just not totally convinced by the Xonar DX via SPDIF.

The issue I have is the on/off clicking in between Audio. I have scanned the Asus Forums and also come across other users with similar niggles.

The question is would I be any better off with the Titanium Fatality Pro? Majority of sites I come across Pro Xonar cards over Creative, but tbh coming from a problem free Audigy 2 previously I'm questioning why I made the switch.

For info I'm running Vista 32Bit & XP Pro 32 Bit, and require primarily for Games secondly for Music.


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  1. I actually just got done comparing several diffrent cards when my ExtremeGamer got the "Snap, Crackle, Pop" issues, so to answer:

    The Xonar and Fatality are similar in the quality of sound they can put out. The Xonar is better suited for home theaters, thanks to it having more Dolby sound options, where the X-fi supports EAX 5.0 (as opposed to just 2.0 on non-Xfi cards), which leads to better placement of sound effects in games.

    Note, a lot of us hate Creative due to their cards not working on certain motherboards. They claim its a nforce issue, but other boards can have issues as well.

    If your card has options you should give it a try, but your not going to improve much quality wise.
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