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I have a lot of data developed under winxp. can I move it to a window 7 system
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  1. I have been to a number of Win7 Rollout sessions sponsored by the local Microsoft Office. Generally, what I hear is backup, restore data fresh. Do not Migrate. I have been running Win7 and found for my migration, a sep partition with a backup was the best bet. Allowed fresh install. Reimport Bookmarks, mailboxes, etc after the fact.
  2. It is possible to move it to a 7 OS. But it might be somewhat of a hassle. You cannot simply upgrade from XP to 7. You have to do a clean installation. A solution would be what JNRII suggested. Another solution would be to move any files you care about on to another HD or DVD(s) and then do a fresh installation and then copy the files back onto the HD, but that I know is time consuming and complicated. There are a couple of ways, but all in all,, yes you can move the data from one installation to the other.
  3. Just the data? windows 7 can handle it but software that can only be run under XP thats another story.
  4. When you install Win 7 it keeps everything from the previous Windows installation (assuming you have enough space on your hard drive) in a folder called Windows.old.

    From there you can drag your data into the new folders - they have different names and locations now.

    As always make a backup before you install just in case something doesnt go right for you...

    dEAne is correct. You will have to reinstall applications. Go to Control Panel and take a screen shot of installed applications and print it out so you have some idea of what you have.
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