How Much Watts Do i need ?

I've been looking for every Forum on this planet for an Simple Answer to my question :
how much wattage do i need for my system
ok here's my System :

* EVGA MB 780i FTW
* EVGA 9800 GTX+ ( i may put another one soon )
* 2X 500GB Sata II in Raid 0 Mode
* Intel Q6600 CPU ( not OC ) and i may Upgrade to Q9550
* "About" 5 120mm LED Fans
* Zalman Ultra CPU Cooler
* OCZ SLI-Ready 4GB ram

im using OCZ GameXStream 700-Watt is it enough ?!

and if i want to OC the CPU/GPU/etc do i need Bigger PSU ?
and keep in mind i may add another 9800GTX+ in SLI mode

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  1. Yes, your current PSU has more than enough power for you system even if you add a second GPU.
  2. THX :)
    i used an online Watt calculator and it told me i needed a Min of 888 watts ?!
    which was like Oo
    and some ppl told me that the 9800GTX+ uses a lot of watts and if i used it in SLI mode with another card the Performance will Decrease a LOT !
    thx again for ur Help :)
  3. Try the eXtreme Power Supply Calculator.
    It will give you pretty good results.
  4. as well, basically the same thing but i think it has one or two things unlocked... a while back it had all the features
  5. i think the 700w is enough ,maxed out the CPU Utilization and the System Load etc... gave me a Recommended PSU Wattage: of 624 W
    OC the Q6600@3Ghz, 1.23V + a high end CPU fan , gave me a 658 W !
    thx all for your help :)
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