Bios Update Successful but Windows won't load

Where to start?

I have the MSI-7143 915PL Neo-V Version 1.0 Motherboard on this PC

I used MSI Live Update utility to update the Bios from 1.0 to the 1.20 version. The utility updated and said that it was successful and prompted to reboot. I did and now windows won't load. I can still access bios but windows blue screens for a split second and then just loops to restart.

I created the floppy rescue disk like the utility had me do before the update. I used it to "rescue" the bios and it goes through the motions, then reboots the PC and just keeps going back and asking if I want to flash bios again. It didn't solve the problem.

For disclosure I should note that when I installed windows on this PC, there was a USB 2.0 Card Reader installed, so it assigned my C: drive to the SD card slot. My HDD is H: (OS) and I: (Media & Storage). Could this be the problem? Could it have failed because the bios update is hard-coded to set to C: drive?

Is my MOBO dead or is this fixable?

Can I remove the CMOS battery to undo the bios update?

Any advice will be greatly, greatly appreciated. This PC is for a family for christmas. I really hope I can get it running before Tuesday.

Let me know what other information I can give you to help this along.




MOBO: MSI-7143 915PL Neo-V 1.0
CPU: Intel Celeron 2.66GHz
RAM: G. Skill 1GBX1 DDR 400 PC 3200 memory
WD IDE ATA 100 160GB hard drive
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  1. Clear the cmos by moving the jumper over one position, then returning to original position while the system is turned off. Or, you can remove the motherboard battery for a few seconds, and reinstall with the system off. If you can get into the bios, you can change the boot order if needed. You may be right about the card reader assignment, but I can't be sure.
  2. Just go to this site I built, there are the programs you need (FREE) and full instructions telling you how to install and uninstall them. When you are done you will be able to get you updates again, your machine will be like you first bought it as well. Take Care
  3. Weird. I was looking for the definition of douche and it brought me to Tell me how he is supposed to run antivirus programs if he can't get into windows there genius....let alone...get to that website and DL any program.
  4. Hi fisdara did you manage to get the pc working? I know it is a long time after Christmas already now but I hope you got it working.
  5. Actually I didn't even read his post. I just typed in can't update windows and it brought me here. there are a lot of people with that kind of issue right now.
    There might be a way to make your bios reconize your hard drive as the c drive. when the PC is off and power is unplugged, pull the system battery, then unplug every drive but the A and hard drive. when you try to reboot it should reassign letters to the drives. this might solve your issue. if it does just shut down and re plug in the other devices and they will be assigned new letters. hence the card reader becomes h
  6. The BIOS update probably changed the SATA emulation type back to its default, which then causes the blue-screen because the os doesn't have the right SATA driver installed. Try changing the SATA emulation type in the BIOS/CMOS/Setup and then reboot.
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