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I formatted my wd passport and save some new files but now i need my old files back...
if there is any possibility to get my old files... pls reply to
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  1. when you formatted, you may have erased everything.
  2. A format option (I mean quick format or complete format) won't erase the files on your WD drive "permanently" at least for quite moment until the data overwritten. You saved more files, then chances of recovery might be reduced to some extent BUT not necessary to overwrite. So you should act as quickly as possible. Take a try of this WD data recovery software, it should help you out. Regards.
  3. yes, it is possible. you will need a hard drive data recovery tool, see this one: WD hard drive data recovery

    You may also download other ones like 001 file recovery

    One tip: do the data recovery as early as possible.
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