Samsung T260 or 2693hm? Design

Hey I am trying to decide between these two (I think) for my new build. I am going to be using this monitor for some graphics programs like 3ds max and photoshop but i dont have the 800$ to spend on something else. If anyone has some advice for me I would really appreciate it. I would like a 26 for design around 400$ thanks.
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  1. I too am trying to figure out which of these monitors is better. From what I gather: the T260HD has more inputs and better dynamic contrast, but the 2693 has 400 cdd brightness as opposed to the T260 models' 300 cdd brightness. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!

    Hopefully someone can shed some light on this topic soon.
  2. havent personally seen the 260 but i have the 2693, and im quite happy, since i only paid 250 for it. dunno about the 260 but the 2693 isnt for someone who needs perfect color accuracy. Good gaming and general purpose monitor.
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