Help with New BIOSTAR TA790gx usb's

Hope someone can me on this New MB. Using old XP HD with all service packs available. System will boot to start up screen but I cannot use any mouse to continue. Bios shows I have 4 USB's, one mouse on PS2 which is correct. I get NO mouse activity. USB pins 1 and 2 are jumped as per spec. Does this appear I have lost something in XP?
System worked fine while using the "old" NF6IV Micro AM2.
Can anyone offer any help to this "newbie"??
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  1. Have you tried a USB mouse yet?
  2. I did, I tried fully functional USB as well as PS2 mouse. I cannot get either to work. System gets to welcome/sign on screen and I can move a mouse.
    Thanks for the fast reply!!
  3. I meant to say I CAN'T move the mouse. Sorry.
  4. OK, next question. Can you logon/enter Windows via tabbing to your login on the keyboard or do you think your system might be locked up?
  5. You are correct in that the keyboard does not let me move the cursor as well. The keyboard is communicating as I have been able to use it very marginally but not to log on. IE: I used it to try safe mode etc and it works for that.
  6. Sounds like a driver issue. Reusing an old XP instillation can be tricky when moving from one motherboard to another. This can really be a problem when the chipsets used in the motherboards are quite disimilar (like the Nvidia based MB you were originally using and the AMD/ATI based MB you're now using).
    When you swapped the drive to the new system did Windows load additional drivers for your new MB? You can find them in Control Panel under Hardware in System Properties. Often Windows can recogize older chipsets and install correct drivers for them, but with newer chipsets (like yours), Windows may need a driver disk. Check and see if your drivers are present.
    Also, you may have some conflict with the older Nvidia drivers. You can probably deleate those while in Safe Mode (keeping in mind that this will prevent you from correctly run the drive with the older motherboard).
    Finally, whenever I've done this type of upgrade in the past I've always started by copying the drive to a new hard drive and using that drive to run the new system. This prevents any changes you make to the OS from redering your original instillation unusable. Once you've made sure the new system is problem free you can wipe the old drive and use it for additional storage.
    Just some things to think about.
    BTW - While they frequently were looked down upon, I had the best luck doing this type of upgrade with VIA chipsets (because they all use the same Hyperion driver). Still, if you're careful you should be able to figure this out. Good luck.
  7. Wow.....thanks! That's sure a reply. I did get a CD for the new MB and that's why I am trying to log in to load the drivers. I am sure I need them from Biostar...your comments are sincerely appreciated. I will spend some time getting into your help comments. Eventually, I may need to get some "pro" help locally.
    Merry Christmas and Thanks
  8. I did an upgrade similar to yours. I discovered that loading appropriate drivers solved the problem.
  9. Thanks....I am attempting to load the CD that came with the MB but I can't get a PS2 or USB mouse to work; the keyboard only works when I am safe mode so I know it does work. I'll keep at it!!
    Thanks for everyones comments.
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