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I have a Dell E521 with Vista and recently decided to upgrade my processor from an AMD 3600+ to a 5600+, which as far as I could tell went fine. For the first few days I had no problem; the CPU was recognised and worked fine but then I started getting the an error message when trying to boot up - "Windows failed to start. This may be due to a recent hardware or software change" with the following details:

File: \Boot\BCD
Status: Oxc000000f
Info: Error occurred while attempting to read boot configuration data

The message also said to fix problem by booting from installation disc and choosing repair and restart. This worked fine but I still got the same error message if i tried to boot from hard drive. I'd heard that other people who'd changed processors had similar problems and they recommended updating bios and clearing cmos. I tried updating bios again with no effect and then tried clearing cmos by removing battery from motherboard, unfortunately this seems to have made the problem worse! I now can't even boot from disc as Windows crashes just before the Vista screen which asks you if you want to do a fresh install or repair your computer.

I'm now very confused and would really appreciate any help.

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  1. I would do a memtest86 and in the meanwhile checking the web for similar effects... personally I have ugraded 3 times, I was on a single core, then moved to a 4400, and now on phenom 9550 quad core. Never had a problem. But of course my motherboard needed a bios update before, to support the processor. Check if yours say "unknown processor" at the beginning, or if it says a model that doesn't matchs yours. Anyway, you should check your motherboard manufacturer to see if they released a bios update for supporting your new processor.

    Also, whats your new CPU model? which of all the 5600 are you running?
  2. The processor was recognised fine with the right information and I even had the system working for two days, which is what is confusing me. I have the latest BIOS update from Dell and I'm running the newer Brisbane model of the 5600+ which I'm pretty sure is compatible at least judging from other E521 owners on the net and from advice on these forums. I was thinking that a fresh install of windows might help, but now i can't even do that as it crashes before you are given the option. I can't really understand why this would be caused by clearing cmos, do you think that this could have effected any device drivers? How do you run memtest86 and what should I look out for?

    Thanks for your help
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