Three 2x2GB vs Two 3x2GB for X58

If I am trying to get 12GB of memory for X58, does it matter which one I get?

Three 2x2GB Dual Channel Kits
Two 3x2GB Triple Channel Kits

Does it make a difference?
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  1. If all the specs are the same, it shouldn't matter at all. Which kits are you looking at?
  2. yeah if the specs are same , just go for the lower total cost , if at any there is a difference .
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    the differences are minor, BUT, they do usually say that the triple channel kits are tested together and stable. i don't think it should make a difference, and i'd personally go with whichever is cheaper, but it's something to keep in mind.
  4. No difference. As long as they're the same ratings (voltage, frequency, and CAS).

    Edit 1: "matched" sets might overclock better, depends on how the company did the "matching", you can only overclock to the point of the slowest DIMM in the set.
    Edit 2: and you are usually better off using 3 DIMMs not 6. If you need 12Gb of RAM go with a 3x4Gb kit.
  5. No^^^ lol 3x4Gb is waaaaaaaaayyyyy to expensive and does not justify the performance that you get as opposed to using all 6 slots. You do the math....

    just get 2 sets of 3x2Gb and save yourself a headache or possible suicide......
  6. 1299? Holy s**t
    Yeah I'd just keep it to 3x2Gb then.

    Why did you want 12Gb for?
  7. rams dont run at rated triple channel speeds when you have all 6 slots filled.
    does anybody know about how much slower?
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