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After reading the article on the December $500 box, I purchased the case, CPU, memory, and video card. I installed my 2 "old" SATA drives and DVD RW. (XP Pro SP3 on boot drive, archives on 2nd drive. No RAID.) My problem is that I get a very very brief message when booting, then am pushed into safe mode.

I think the message says something about inadequate disk space, but is really too brief to read completely.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


- Bob D
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    did you format and reinstall XP?

    if you did not, you might run into problems with driver issues since XP is trying to load your old motherboard and video drivers.
  2. Emerald -

    You are absolutely correct! Very frustrating getting to that conclusion. On the other hand it did give me a good "excuse" to finally break down and purchase a flat screen monitor.
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