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I'm planning on making a amd build with a 4850 that is capable of upgrading to 2 4850's in crossfire. I'm having trouble choosing the proper power supply. I would like something between 600 and 800 watts, modular would be nice but not necessary, and i would prefer to NOT have a LED fan. I'm on a budget so i would like it under $80.

I have found some but I can't decide which one is better.


Antec EA650 650W

BFG Tech BFGR650PSU 650W

Antec True Power Trio TP3-650 650W

I would really appreciate your advice on these and if there are any other power supplies that would work better.
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  1. Short answer - spend $10 more (i.e. $80 after rebate and shipping) and get a Corsair 650TX.

    Why: of the 4 PSUs you picked, the Silverstone would be my first choice and the BFG last. The Silverstone has 42A on the 12V, and the EA650 has 45A. Compare that with 52A for the 650TX and 49A for the $75 PC Power & Cooling 610W. It's really worth spending the extra $5 or $10 for the PC P&C or the Corsair, just for that. Between the PC P&C and the Corsair, I prefer the Corsair because it has (6+2) PCI-E connectors rather than fixed 6-pin connectors. You don't care for HD 4850 Crossfire, but your future video card(s) may need 8-pin connectors.
  2. Out of the ones you picked I like the Antec EA650.

    Johnny Guru Recommends it.
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