What is good benchmark tools to use for core i7 and ..

1. what would be the best benchmark stuff to use? what im trying to figure out is what i should set as my paging file for best performance. i have 2 36gb raptors 10k rpm in raid 0 and a 500gb 32mb cach seagate. trying to figure out what would be best to set in Megabytes as the paging file for a bit of extra speed to have some of the paging file on the seagate drive for my core i7 system with vista x64.

2. can memtest be run in windows? also where or what is the latest version of memtest?

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  1. 1. 3dMark, Sandra, Aqua mark, Crysis.

    2. Don't. There is a Windows version of memtest but it's buggy as hell.

    Depending on your RAM you can turn off page file. If you have 6GB then turn it off.
  2. +1 If you have 6g shut it off. I did.
  3. ok thanks
  4. 3DMark Vantage, SuperPI, and Prime.
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