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Hello Everyone. I recently purchased a 5.1 surround sound set up. It claims to turn stereo into surround 5.1. It has the two (red & white) rca stereo inputs on the back. It came with an adapter that will convert my soundcard's stereo output jack into the two red and white rca cables.

I have a very interesting problem and I cannot figure out what is causing it. I have a computer with movies and mp3s connected to my tv. I put an account with limited access so the kids wont be able to delete any of the files, and this is the default account we use to watch the videos and listen to music. Whenever I need to add more videos or edit anything, I log on with the admin account and there is no problem.
Everything has been working fine until I bought the surround sound setup. When I hooked it up, I went in the admin account so I could configure the speaker set up as 5.1 surround sound. I did this by going to control panel/sounds and audio devices/volume tab/advanced/drop down list. I made my selection, clicked ok and the opened a movie to test it. The sound was great, every speaker was functional and it felt like surround sound. After that I logged out as admin, and went back to the limited user account.

When I tried playing the same movie with the limited user account, It will play all of the background sounds and music, but it will not play any of the voices of people talking. This seems very strange. If I log on back as admin and play the same movie, everything works fine. I can hear all the sounds and voices as admin, but not as limited user. What is happening here?

I even checked as limited user if the 5.1 surround sound setting was still selected, and it was. So I am not sure what is happening.
Stranger is, I went back as admin and gave the limited account full admin rights and the problem still persists.

Anyone have any idea?

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  1. HMMMMM, I have a set of logitech z-540 speakers 5.1 and they have a front and a rear connector which i plug into my old 5.1 creative oem card and they work fine,no adapter needed,,and if the source is 5.1 fine if not well,,it's not..for what it's worth..
    BTW ,,I sometimes get the same problem with various players some will work fine and others will behave just like yours no voice lots of music tho,try the VLC player @
  2. There maybe a sound equalizer setting in one of your applications that is causing this issue.

    I will have the same problem when I leave a certain music eq settings in my creative app and go play a game.
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