Removing XP Partition

Good afternoon,
I have a Dell inspiron 1505 that I have I order a new drive for because the old drive went bad.
Started the install of Windows XP Professional to find out that I did not have the product key for the software.
Of course I cannot find the product key (sound familiar). Microsoft says I would have to buy another etc.
Now I rather go with installing Ubuntu onto the laptop since I'm having no luck with getting the product key for Windows Professional.
I'm not able to boot off of the cdrom Ubuntu .iso image. It starts but goes right back into the unfinished installation of Windows XP Pro.
I would like to remove Windows XP Pro all together. How would I go about doing this and getting it removed?

Thought bout creating a book disk so I can some how get to a command prompt and do a format c:\.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as far as what direction to go in to get this moving forward again.

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  1. Thank you that definitely worked.
    Issue resolved
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