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I have a phenom quad core 2.3 ghz and want to get a motherboard to run it. Alot say memory standard but no memory maximum? So if the standard is lets say 800 mhz can I run 1066mhz? Can I run ddr3 1333mhz or even more??? They say it depends on the processor but I still dont get it! thanks!
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  1. Phenoms run with DDR2 1066, the older AM2's use DDR2 800. If you want to run a Phenom be sure to get an AM2+ motherboard (Gigabyte, and Asus are the best. Avoid MSI like the plague). As for memory max, that depends on the motherboard. Most are rated to 8+ Gigs useable usually 4, 8, 16, or 32GB max (referrs to the amount of useable RAM). I typically go with a board that is capable of running 16 or more Gigs of RAM (who knows, I may want to add more later).

    BTW I use Vista 64. If using a 32 bit OS it can use a maximum of 4GB of RAM, 64 bit can use loads more RAM.
  2. You totally misunderstand what I mean by that I mean max version of MHZ like someone checkout the m3n78 PRO by asus and tell me the max MHZ of a stick can i run? W a 2.3 phenom quad
  3. IH8U's answer is correct. Your CPU uses DDR2 memory, not DDR3. Buy memory that matches the requirements of your CPU (800Mhz or 1066Mhz). Yes you can buy 1066Mhz memory for a CPU that requires 800Mhz memory. Just check your CPU specs and buy memory modules that match them.
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