I cant find my removable storage device on my computer

my phone is a samsung finusse and i ussually plug it into my computer to add songs to it ussually it works perfectly but i dont know why all of a sudden the icon doesnt show up and when i check my computer my device is not present.. on my phone it says its connected but on the computer it says it doesnt .. any one know why and how can i fix it ?
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  1. I'm thinking that the cable's faulty. Does your phone use a standard USB cable?
  2. look in disk management, if u see the drive, but no drive letter, change the drive letter, this could happen if u recently added a new drive device of some kind.

    otherwise, try it in another pc the verify weather its the cable or not.
  3. Can u help me to i find my windows phone? *Lumia 920 :D I When i sing in on windows phone site i cant usable a map..
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