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I am trying to fix my "no sound" problem (see other thread) and want to delete by audio drivers and re-install from disc with the Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for high definition audio uninstalled.

Problem is as soon as I uninstall it and do a scan for new hardware it automitically installs the drivers it has, rather than get a wizard asking me for a cd.

What setting do I need to change so windows doesn't automatically install itsown driver?
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  1. Open Device Manager, go to View on the Menu, select show hidden devices. Then find the device (driver) you want to change, right-click on it, then select Uninstall. This should bring up the hardware installation wizard on your next boot.
  2. Treefrg07 - My problem is as soon as I hit uninstall on the driver, then uninstall on "Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for high definition audio" it right at that moment it restarts "Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for high definition audio" and I get the bubble in the bottome right of the screen saying "found new hardware". I don't get a chance to reboot!!
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    Go to device manager, Right click on the device you want install a different driver for and go to properties. Than select update driver go through the options and select the radio button that says I will specify were to get the driver from. You do not need to uninstall this way and windows will not automatically reinstall it. It will simply overwrite the driver in use with the driver that you want to use. Alternatively you could get the exact name of the driver file. By going into to properties for the deivce and click the driver tab than navigate to your windows system32 driver directory and delete it that way. I do not recommend messing around in there if you do not know what you are doing though.
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