GTX260 VS GTX 260 Core 216 !!!

Hi !

Is there any BIG difference in performance between these two cards ???

Thank you !
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  1. I have only a couple of hours to decide ... please help.
    I am gaming at 1920x1200 ....
  2. Yeah, the core 216 is faster. Check out this review

    Personally I don't think it's enough of an improvement to justify the added expense.
  3. 5-10%
  4. 216 is a little faster. May or may not be worth it. For my money, its not as I would run SLI. If a single card, buy the 216. If SLIing get the older one.

    Personally I think Nvidia just muddied the waters once again for their own gain.

    WTB: Naming scheme that makes sense and less rebadging of old parts by Nvidia.
  5. Zhank you all !!!
    Mayibe I am wrong but the new 216 is close to GTX280!
  6. Yes.. that is true.. but on the flip side.. there was never a HUGE difference from the old 260 to the 280
  7. Its just equal to the 4870 now is all
  8. JAYDEEJOHN said:
    Its just equal to the 4870 now is all

    its actually better than the HD4870 now. usually by 5-10 fps.
  9. 5-10% faster at max. i would get the old one and save money.
  10. I own a gtx 260 // and have the oppurtinity to buy a 260 core 216 for 65. Could I put them in sli?
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