How to Disassemble Maxtor Personal Storage?

Hi guys.. I have a Maxtor Personal Storage 3000LE which won't turn on at all.. Or what i mean is that when i plug in the AC adapter the disk wont spin up at all.. The only thing that happens is a green light turning on.. So my plan is to pull the drive out of the case and install it internally in my PC.. the drive is assembled in a case like this - - But i cant find a way to disassemble it .. Theres no screws or anything so what should i do?
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  1. I've done this with a WD external drive. I just ripped the case off using a screw driver because I couldn't figure out how to do it otherwise.
  2. Its held together by the blue things on the sides just pry the corners off (they're held on by glue) and it should come apart fairly easily. Once those are off it falls apart.
  3. sawx27 is right. At the back of the enclosure (the end with the USB and power connections), the blue edge protectors have slots that line up roughly with the seam dividing the top and bottom of the case. Inserting a flat-head screwdriver there allows you to pry off the blue pieces in such a way that you can replace them if you don't want to destroy the case. There was no glue holding mine together, just a few plastic hooks that held the blue edge pieces to the case.
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