Can i use my new Win 7 disk on my other comp?

Hello all.

I build me a new comp. And i bought a new copy of Window 7 oem i think.
My question is this. My other computer has window 7 also but i never made any boot disc. and its about 3 yrs old. I am gonna give it to my son but i want to do a clean install.

So can i use my new 7 disc to do a clean install them being the same Home ed. And just use the Window activation key that came with the other comp ?

That way i wouldnt have all that extra software on there either.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Nope
  2. why not ?
  3. Primarily because the OEM license doesn't allow it.
    Second, if you try to do a new install on another computer it will tell you your Windows 7 is not an authentic version and it won't run!
  4. ok so my win 7 license that came with my comp with Win 7 want work if i use the Win 7 disc i bought to install Win 7 on my new comp even thou there completly 2 different keys/license ?
  5. As long as you have the license key from your sons computer and said license key is for the same version of Windows 7 as your install disk, it will work just fine.

    DelroyMonjo, He is not changing systems with his OEM license (which can be done, but only one system activated at a time), he is using the install disk (which is the same for the OEM version as the standard version) and a valid key to reinstall Windows.
    Really no issue doing this.
  6. thanks outlw669
    for clearing that up. i know i have done it with XP before. figue only problem i would have was updateing the drivers.
  7. ^ Agreed, since you are not trying to transfer the OEM license, it should work.
  8. OOPS! I didn't read the original Q. very well, did I?
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