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I just booted up my old Dell Dimension 4300 last night to see what's on it. I backed up all the memories then decided I would try to reinstall Windows XP. I put the XP disk into the drive, shut down the computer, restarted, booted from disk and did the install. I told it to overwrite all my old files so I could start all over. XP installed normally and when I started up, none of my old stuff was there. I installed the service packs then checked how much hard drive space I have left. Apparently, I only have 3GB of the 35GB hard drive available. I can't find any old files to delete either.
Where is everything? What's taking up all this space?
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  1. Download HD Tune Pro, check the partition size/usage (Info tab) and perform a scan with the Folder Usage function.
  2. Is there a windows.old folder on the C: drive? I'm not sure if XP does this, but newer versions of windows put all your old stuff in one giant folder that it keeps even when you do a fresh install.
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