HD4850 picture messed up (inc screenshot)

I've just put a HD4850 in my PC it's a Q6600 in P35 mobo and corsair 650W PSU with 2GB corsair RAM.

After a few minutes playing FEAR the image deteriorates to this, (note the black triangles and crosshatching lines). This is not part of the FEAR gameplay! Game settings were auto detected by the game, mostly medium.

Normal PC use is fine.

Ever seen this before or any ideas what's causing this, is the card bad, overheating something else?
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  1. Lets see here:

    Fresh install of drivers?

    What are your temps?
  2. Wait...you're using a Q6600 and a 4850, and the game autodetected that you should run at medium? Something isn't right...and hopefully, it's drivers.
  3. I would think it is drivers. You mentioned that you just put it in so did you have a card in there before? Make sure to not just reinstall your drivers but clean out any old ones that are floating around from your previous graphic cards. See if that will help at all.

    Is it only FEAR that does it? What diver version are you on?
  4. Adjust settings yourself, and turn on some AA
  5. I should point out I'm a bit of a noob, I never used to be but things have moved on since I wasn't a noob. That make's no sense :\ anyway....

    How would I check the temps?

    I thought medium for fear was a little low considering the hardware.

    I did have another graphics card in there and thought I had cleared out the drivers so will double check. If I have time I'll fresh install XP to be sure.

    I tried America's army for a short while before installing FEAR and didn't notice anything wrong.

    Will check the driver version and let you know.

    >Turn on some AA

    I was with you all the way up to AA.
  6. AA is anti-aliasing, it's found in the graphic settings of mostly any game you play. it smooths out the rough edges of objects in the game, so the overall eye candy is much smoother/easier on the eyes i guess.

    but i dunno why turning it up in this scenario would help, i'm also guessing its a driver issue, are u updated to catalyst 8.9 yet?
  7. AH OK, I'm photoshop friendly I'm aware of anti-aliasing. Don't think I've had a PC that took much advantage of it before now though. I'll be nice to see it in action.

    I'm at work right now, (US Mtn time zone) will check when I get home and let you know.
  8. Did you have a different card in that system previously, and if so did you uninstall the drivers to your previous card? What exactly are your system specs?
  9. I did have another graphics card in there and thought I had cleared out the drivers so will double check. If I have time I'll fresh install XP to be sure.
  10. turn vsync off.
  11. I think you might be onto something there


    Unraveling the mystery of VSYNC
    This, unfortunately, can also cause what are called 'visual anomalies': image tearing and flashing polygons.

    Certainly look like flashing polygons to me.

    More info here

    Only a few more hours before I get to go home. I had to take an extra long lunch to buy the wife a car so stuck here for longer tonight. I'll report back.

    Thanks for all the advice.
  12. So turning off vsync in the game made no difference.

    Catalyst is now the latest version 8.9, still the same problem.

    GPU Temp varies from 48 at 0%use to 78 at 98%use.

    I couldn't find any evidence of old drivers. I suppose a reinstall is called for to be sure?
  13. Try under clocking your card. You can do it through the CCC. If it still does it the card is probably no good. Still under warranty ?
  14. OMG, Tesselation attacks on normal people! HIDE!!!!


    No, seriously, crank up the details to high and very high without hesitation. I run FEAR with all max'ed out in my A64 with no sweat. Could be handling shadows the problem, remember it's a OGL based game.

    And yeah, it could be the drivers. I have 8.8 and i don't have any issues on XP 32Bits.

  15. I only bought the card a few days ago so returning should be no problem. Getting a replacement might be there on special at BestBuy

    To underclock do I just pull both sliders down in Catalyst?

    BTW I should say I have a CRT monitor at 60Htz, which is why the vsync solution looked so promising.
  16. I uninstalled all ATI items using ATI uninstall tool.
    I downloaded the latest drivers and now have ccc version 8.9
    I've set the refresh rate of the monitor to 60htz 1024x768 true color (ccc has the same setting)
    I've tried vsync in FEAR on and off.
    I've tried max setting and min settings.
    I decreased the setting in the advanced page of the ccc

    Nothing has worked.

    Americas army is the only other game I've played and it doesnt suffer the same effect.

    What do you think, SOL?
  17. Might just be a issue between these cards and FEAR. Try a few other games before you return it.
  18. That's a problem with the game, not the card.

    That's tesselation being applied wrong. I thought it would be fixed with altering the detail level, but if that doesn't work and other games play fine, then it's not the card, it's the game.

  19. The only other game I have installed right now is Amerca's Army but I don't think that's stressing the card very much. I'll see if I can get a demo to test it with. any recommendations or easy dl links?

    I work a full time job and photograph weddings on the weekend too so sorry for the delays in replying.
  20. Uhm... FEAR uses an OGL engine (Doom3 actually if i'm not wrong), so Doom3, Quake4 or any OGL based game would do the trick. I think UT3 uses OGL engine too, unless they had to port DX10 to OGL... Anyway, UT2004 also uses OGL and any game based on that engine would do the trick, but that engine is kinda old IMO.

  21. You have a Salvador Dali Minted GPU. Some Atis are like that.
    Cherish it. Hug it. But go buy another because i think that one is borked.

    Now, if you really wanna correct it, i advise to updated Catalyst and you chipset drivers too.
  22. thankfully Visiontek is lifetime guaranteed. Looks like I'll just get another one.

    >Salvador Dali Minted GPU
    Well that explains the weird look of things, it's a bit Picasso too. lol.
  23. syco123 said:
    thankfully Visiontek is lifetime guaranteed. Looks like I'll just get another one.

    >Salvador Dali Minted GPU
    Well that explains the weird look of things, it's a bit Picasso too. lol.

    Well, it redefined "Cubic" at least, so it has to be a Picasso, lol.

    By it's standards now it's more... "Rombish" X'D

    Esop! X'D
  24. so Best Buy replaced the card and now all is good.

    Thanks for all the help!
  25. I had the same problem with my HIS4850 and EQ2, triangulations that made the game real interesting to play (not). I tried every driver and suggestion possible with no difference. The game would crash like this after 2 - 30 minutes playing. All other games and tests worked just fine. I fixed the problem by replacing the HIS4850 with a EVGA 9800GT. All is good now.

    I suspect a small percent of chips have this problem that can only be fixed by RMA'ing the card.
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