Building a new Gaming computer and wanna hear some opinions.

Hallo.. I'm in need of a new gaming computer and i dont really know much about what parts to choose etc. i've been trying to read as much as i can but i still think it's kinda hard to make the best build. The price can top around 1900-2300 so there should be plenty of possibilities, which only have made even harder for me to find the stuff i want.

I've tried to make a few builds my self but everytime i seem to mix stuff together which doesn't work that well together at all, so i would like to start with some of your opinions.

Pretty much i just wanna max everything out in this computer as long as the price stays around the 2000, and the finish should be a very good gaming computer with nice capacity etc..

If any of you guys could help me with this i'd be more the happy.

THanks alot

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  1. This may not be a good answer, but you asked for opinions. We're getting so close to the release of the Nehalem processor and the X58 motherboards and you have a large enough budget to include these new hardware upgrades. If i were you i'd hold off on the build for a bit longer to see about taking advantage of the new hardware.
  2. well i would definitely not recommend buying new hardware right when it comes out...thats when you pay the most for it...even though I don't regret paying 4 bills for my x1800xt when it came out, I realized soon after that I should have boughten something thats not brand spanking new and top of the line...well thats just my opinion...
  3. Yeah.. And i do really need a new computer now so.. The sooner the better.. you guys think you could help out making a build? i'm a bit clueless when it comes to mixing the right stuff together as i mentioned.. how long would i have to wait anyway if i were to wait for the new stuff coming out?
  4. Here's something to consider... I'm assuming you'll be gaming on a high resolution monitor.


    An E8500, overclocks well and is great for gaming


    4870X2 is the most powerful thing you can grab right now


    ASUS P5E Deluxe x48 great crossfire motherboard, so it you wanted more gaming power later on you could stick another GPU in there


    Hard drive:


    This is a little overkill right now, but if you decide to put another 4870X2 in the system later on it'll be nice to have some headroom

    CPU fan:
    This is pretty cheap and works great

    And get the bracket for that CPU fan:

    All that is left to get is a nice case of your liking, SATA dvd-rom, and vista 64 bit.
    Hope this helps
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