GPU-z Shader clock is gray?

So I just got the 9800GTX2 all set up, I ran GPU-Z and for some reason the shader clock for one of the cards is grayed it? Is this normal or is one of the cards damaged?

While I would normally just assume that's normal, I am getting strange results in the CoH Performance test with the card OC'ed, only 23 fps... which is worse than my GTS (G92) was running at stock.

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  1. what brand do you have? can it be checked with a different program? like evga precision.

    that does sound rather strange. have you contacted any tech support?
  2. the only reason for that to happen as far as i know is if you have an extremely old card that doesn't have a shader clock. but for such a new card to be displaying that is strange. the card may have a defect. make sure it's fully seated in the pci-e slot, and if there's nothing that looks wrong with the card, consider RMA'ing it.
  3. Its an eVGA.

    Edit: Did some more rooting around and managed to find eVGA's precision utility, Ill DL that when I get home.

    Its also will not let me adjust the fan speeds or settings in the nVidia control panel.
  4. was it OEM or an open box? i got evga precision from the cd that came with my card. +1 on nik_i's post.
  5. It wasnt an OEM or an open box, I did however notice that the center heatsink had a chip in it.

    Also, I had some trouble getting the damn thing to turn on, from powering it up to it recognizing the monitor, it will only work in the bottom bottom HDMI slot.

    You know, the more I add it all together is sounds like one side isnt working.
  6. ya i would just RMA it.
  7. Well Im going to double check and make sure its not PEBCAK first of all, I bought it off newegg so im not too worried about shipping it back for a replacement right off the bat, I can fugg with it a day or two and then if no luck, ship it back.

    Looks like gaming for the weekend may be canceled, as I gave my wife the 8800GTS(G92) and I'll be damned if Im getting that back out of her computer now hehe.
  8. LOL!! sounds cool.
  9. So I ran EVGA Precision and it just lists one shader clock.

    Does the 9800GX2 simply share shaders?
  10. mmm well i dont really know but i wouldnt think so. if its running worse than you GTS something is wrong. or your running on a really small screen. some times the big, powerful gpu's dont run as good on small screens.
  11. So I changed my drivers to 178.13 an my performance has increased significantly, and GPUz is also showing both shader clock speeds now.

    When I run the same benchmark in Company of heroes, on 1600x1050, all settings and AA maxed out it is getting an average of 40 fps, with a 30 low and 63 high.

    That still seems a little low to me, the benchmarks I have been reading for the 9800GX2 show FPS between 80-170 but then they all use funky settings to get those FPS, no one ever shows you a solid "This is how the game performance when you crank everything to the right."
  12. what kinda processor you running? that could be slowing it down a bit.
  13. I'm running a 5400+ OC'ed to 2.94Ghz.

    Perhaps its time upgrade to a 3.2Ghz

    I knew the L1/L2 cache would hold the card back a little, but I didn't think it would cause this much degradation in performance.
  14. I haven't even becnhed my GX2 using CoH, but its well over 60 with everything on. My Pentium D and 8600 GT setup would run at 30-45 FPS for gods sakes...

    Of course, I run at 1280x1024...
  15. When I put the 8800GTS(G92) back in, CoH Benches at

    91 average
    186 max
    51.3 minimum

    Something is obviously very, very wrong.
  16. ya its not your processor. have you checked any of the reviews on newegg to see if anyone else has had similar problems? otherwise i would just rma it. maybe get a 260gtx instead.
  17. If I send it back, I'm step up to a 280, not down to a 260.

    Never downgrade... never down grade.

    *Shivers in the corner at the suggestion*

    I called evga's support and they said it could be 1 of two things:

    Rivatuner can have incompatibility's with there 9800GX2 cards, so uninstall and reload drivers.


    Motherboard Bios may not support the 9800GX2, so to check for updates. (Of which mine is current.)
  18. So I uninstalled Rivatuner, cleaned out any and all old drivers, reinstalled the new ones, switched out the PSU, tried the GPU in a different computer and nada... card is fugged.

    I will be sending it in to eVGA and I will just pay the extra $140 to upgrade to a 280... that was probably eVGA's plan all along!
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