Q9300 my experience with a few opinions needed...

Hey people :hello: ,

i got my hands on a Q9300 PC, my friends, being a quad its a kick ass machine, very very quick. Ok because we did not have any games on our hands, i could not try any. now i'm very keen on getting one but b4 i run and grab one, needed a word.

is it a good overall processor if i wish to game. i have a 22" samsung t220 lcd, and so thought why not make the most of it. k now i have heard a lot about the e8500/8400 but isn't the quad too tempting ;) .

so guys, which one should i pick. the q9300 will deliver wont it, and will the game play be jerky or slow or what exactly will it be. and final word, should i kill the confusion and get my self a q9300 over the e8500 once and for all and be happy, or will i be ;) . do let me know. thanx a ton.
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  1. Kuber

    The q9300 is a good contender when O\C, most people would recomend the duos as the have higher speeds, but if u O\C the quads well they do hold there own.

    I have a q6600 @ 3.5 combined with a 4850 which holds its own in most game, may not be the fastest but still a strong contender against the duos.

    Get urself the q9300 combined with the 4850\4870, overclock to 3.4-3.7ghz and enjoy.

    Good luck and good hunting
  2. Yes, it is still more about clock speed than anything. Your quad will be just as fast at gaming, even a little more so if you overclock it to the speed of the e8400. At it's stock speed, it is going to do "okay", but an easy overclock will make it do great. Pair it with a good video card, and you are on your way.
    Usually now, someone will post and tell you that the e8400 or 8500 is the way to go because you can overclock them to 4 ghz of some other big number.
    Personally, I think that a quad, running at 3ghz, is a killer gaming CPU.
  3. Yea i personally love the quad, if you can get it at te right price.

    my only querry would be if you could wait half a year, for I7 to come down to the same price?
  4. hey guys thanx a ton for you replies. personallu im really not sure about overclocking as of now, so may be will stick to stock speed. i7 seems to be a great suggestion but the price is not right at this moment. whc is why the q9300 and e8500 confusion was on in my mind. still not sure which to pick. one moment it's the quad the other the core. if the game play part is nice on the quad (without overclocking) i would love it own it. which one now?
  5. You can overclock a quad, but can't add cores to a dual. As background crap becomes more common, more cores can only help. Guild Wars never jitters on my Q9450, even when a spyware scan kicks off, and with a background download running.
  6. Here is a pretty good review, benchmarks/overclocking etc of your 9300. It's an interesting read, I would recommend checking it out.
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