Disc Read Error on IDE Hard Drive HELP!!!

I've just built my first system and was very budget minded waiting for all the best deals at fry's and had planned on using my 60gb IDE Hard Drive from my previous Dell Computer... the HD is a Hitachi...anyway after some issues with my power supply i finally got everything stable and running only to find that when i try to to install Win Xp with my Xp boot disc (ive used same disc on several computer with no problems and no its not the Dell Restore Disc) I'm able to delete my old partition with windows and reformat with NTFS (the only option the boot disc gives me) but after setting up the initial setup folders when my computer goes to restart and finish installing XP it boots back up with a Disc Read Error and tells me to press control alt dlt to restart... i've tried reformating and installing several times and always this result... i've also tried chkdsk /r and after quite awhile it will finish saying it successfully corrected multiple errors... but yet the problem does no go away... i've tried switching around the way the IDE cable is connected making the IDE drive either the master or slave with same result... does anyone here have any ideas... my computer is a Athlon II x4 620 with SATA dvd burner 2 gig DDR3 ram... GeForce 210... Biostar A77AE3 motherboard... ANy help??? btw ive also tried Fixboot and it will say its resolved problem but same result...
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  1. sounds like a problem with the windows cd or the dvd burner. do you have anouther cd rom drive you can try?
  2. Why build a nice PC and throw and old slow piece of crap HDD that will bottle neck a nice system.

    What you have done is put a lawnmower engine in a Camaro. Junk the drive and get a new fast drive.
  3. You put a SATA CD player in this new system but not a $50 SATA hard drive - REALLY?? A new SATA drive will be much faster as daship said.

    There could be a number of things to deal with. You said you checked the whole cable thing, Master/Slave and all is good.
    Could be partition table isnt right on the drive - take it to another system and see if you can format it/partition it.
    Could be a bios setting with the mixing of a SATA CD with IDE drive (OK, it should work, but you clearly have something going on). Install XP and then remove the CD and change the bios to IDE only, and AHCI, and try the other options..

    All cables snug?
  4. Let's check a few things. My understanding is that you have a newly built system but are using an old Hitachi 60 GB IDE drive as the ONLY drive in the system, and you do NOT have any data on that drive that you want to save. Right?

    1. To set up a single HDD on an IDE channel, you MUST make it the Master. That means EITHER: (a) set the jumpers on the HDD to the Master position (some make a distinction between Master with No Slave, and Master with Slave Present) and plug in the END connector of the ribbon cable; or, set the jumpers to "CS" for Cable Select and then you MUST plug into the END connector. There will be NO other device on the ribbon cable, right?
    2. When you boot go directly into BIOS Setup. Check where the IDE (PATA) drive(s) are configured. Make sure the port is Enabled and set to auto-detection. Check what it says there - it should have detected a Primary Master drive of the right make and size, and no Primary Slave unit. Also check the setup of the SATA port that has your new optical drive attached. For that port's mode setting, make it IDE (or PATA) Emulation.
    3. Go to where you set the Boot Priority Sequence. It should be set to try your optical drive first, then your IDE HDD unit, and NOTHING else. Save and Exit to boot up, with your XP Install disk already in the optical drive.
    4. First step in the install will be to Delete any and all Partitions already there.
    5. Now you should be able to Create a first Primary Partition using all of the available disk space (by default I expect it will be set to create a bootable Partition for this) and to Format it to the NTFS File System. Since you're re-using an older drive, I would take the time (a couple hours?) to have it do a Full Format.

    I'm hoping this will let you complete a clean Install of Win XP.
  5. I had a similar problem when i built my first system. Take my advice and use memtest86 to test your RAM memory to ensure it is fully compatible with your motherboard. I reckon 90% chance it will be your RAM which is why you get errors under various situations.
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