Foxconn A74MX-K AM2+/AM2 AMD 740G compatible with G.SKILL PI Black 4GB

I am having a hell of a time with new rig.

First bought M2N-MX SE PLUS mobo with gskill (2 x 2GB) pc6400.... board would not boot, then booted, but dimm socket B1 would not POST and the RAM module that I first put in there would not POST in socket A1.

So, I figured stick of RAM was bad and went ahead and ordered (2 x 2GB) gskill p1 black with cas latency 4...thought it was a great deal at $50 free shipping.

Got new set of RAM and same problem, B1 will not recognize RAM.

So, now I've ordered 585W PSU and thought I ordered a low end mobo with plenty of options for the money that would be compatible with the 4GB of RAM.

The board is a Foxconn A74MX-K AM2+/AM2 AMD 740G.

The RAM is G.SKILL PI Black 4GB (2 x 2GB) Model F2-6400CL4D-4GBPI-B.

I could not contact gskill or foxconn since it's Saturday, but I need to get this stuff asap (Christmas), to ask if it's compatible. With everything I read it sounded like Foxconn and gskill play well together, and I decided wth and ordered it.

Then I finally found gskill's QVL and they only list 2 foxconn boards as being compatible, and of course not this one, and with different chipsets.

This board has the 740G AMD chipset (seems to be 790G and 690 hybrid - 790G northbridge and 690 southbridge), and I cannot find info anywhere about compatibility between that and this RAM.

I would appreciate any help, if anyone has any experience with this, or suggestions.

Many thanks!
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  1. Yes, thank you for the information, but I have been to both sites and reviewed the list already.

    Not to mention about another 200 sites.

    I guess I should rephrase my question.

    Even if it's not in the QVL, can it still be compatible?

    What I mean is, these are obviously tested configurations that have suitably passed gskill's requirements for stability etc., but I know they probably don't test every possible configuration, and I was hoping maybe someone would read this that has used this RAM with that chipset and had success.

    Many Thanks. :)
  2. Run cpuid and see what the default ram voltage is. Sometimes, you need to bump up the voltage in the bios for stability. Foxconn might have a ram voltage adjustment. 1.85-1.9 should be plenty for pc6400.
  3. I own the exact same RAM. run GREAT for me at 4-4-4-12 1t 800mhz 1.9v

    My mobo is in the G-skillz list.

    Can still run if yours is not, but can not too.
  4. Thanks o1die I will certainly do that once the mobo arrives. I was debating on whether or not to cancel the order.

    The default voltage on the board I have now is 1.8V, and is what this RAM is supposed to be at also. But even though cpuid says 4-4-4-12 timing @ 1.9v, it's actually running at 5-5-5-15 on this Asus w/faulty dimm socket.

    After I updated the BIOS I was able to turn the voltage up to 2.0, but didn't help to tighten the timing at all.

    Sorry if I'm confusing anyone, lol :)

    I have the Asus M2N-MS SE PLUS now that I'm RMA'ing, waiting for the foxconn and hoping it works much better.

    After doing a little more research it appears (or so I've read) that the 740G chipset is actually an AMD 690G and now I feel more confident that with the features this board offers this RAM will work, just hoping to also get those 4-4-4-12 timings.

    I ordered this mobo, original RAM (1 x 2GB) gskill, HD, PSU, etc. about 5 months ago and haven't had a single chance to run in dual channel. I'm sure you understand my anticipation.

    Thanks again.
  5. boulard83 said:
    I own the exact same RAM. run GREAT for me at 4-4-4-12 1t 800mhz 1.9v

    My mobo is in the G-skillz list.

    Can still run if yours is not, but can not too.

    I believe it. Even the one stick made a huge difference on this pc running at 5-5-5-15, but I'm sure alot of that had to do with stepping up from 1GB to 2GB on Vista Ultimate 64bit.

    So eager to have this rig running properly. :bounce:
  6. :) give us some news when you got it running, Vista NEED more mem. Going from 1g to 2g so NEEDED with vista. even 4g is still way better.
  7. I certainly will.

    Right now I've got the 1GB stick back in @5-5-5-15-24-2T, RAM oc'd to just about 900mhz, cpu's from 2.6Ghz to 2.75Ghz running very smooth, but not fast. Cpu's are actually running cooler than ever right around 21 degrees.

    I pulled the 8800GTS b/c this PSU just doesn't have enough amperage, so voltage is now good and extremely stable...everything running perfect, no more freeze-ups, just crappy 1GB single channel :(

    Strange though, hwmonitor is reading 85 degrees on the Nvidia cpu (must be northbridge?)...think it's a false reading, but who knows with the dimm slot not recognizing the RAM, maybe the memory controller is somehow overheating? Don't know much about this stuff.

    Good news is newegg says they should ship mobo in one day...we'll see, I dont think they process orders on weekends, and of course Christmas season.
  8. Nice !! my NB is kinda HOT too. im about to go with WC kit, ill by an NB block at the same time ...
  9. Problem w/current mobo is that the 8800GTS vidcard sits right on top of the NB. The VC gets HOT, and cannot be helping matters (although it's not in the pc right now and still reading 85deg.). I had an extra fan below the card blowing on the NB as there's no other way to cool it with that setup. This is one of the things I liked about the Foxconn, the NB is on the other side of PCie slot, and the SATA connectors are also out of the way.

    Maybe this deserves seperate thread, not sure, but what do you think about a HEC HP585D PSU?

    $27 w/free shipping.....................yeah that's what i said? :pt1cable:

    Newegg has them here:

    Supposedly 585Watts 2 rail system w/19A on 1st +12V rail and 20A on 2nd +12V rail.

    Buyer's on newegg seem to be quite pleased for the most part.

    Only downside I see to it is the poor insulation (speaker interference and such), and the 20+4 pin mobo power connector (this new mobo should have 24 pin).

    Guess the old Orion (HEC or whatever) 485 wasn't worth a damn, but this psu seems to be ok.

    Well I figure wth, and bought one :)

    We'll see how it goes.
  10. DONT buy that cheap PSU ... PLEASE.

    PSU is THE most important part of a computer ...
  11. I do agree about the importance of the PSU.

    However, I am on a very tight budget and I'm afraid this PSU will have to do for now.

    Do you think it could damage my other equipment? I know it's always possible, but did you take a look at this unit? I actually hear good things about it.
  12. if you look at reviews on newegg, lotta low end parts have nice 5stars reviews cause those who buyed it are pleased with those lowend parts.

    My question is, are you gaming ? OCing ? demanding anything hard to this computer ?

    If YES, dont buy this ... if NO .. why not ...
  13. Here are some customer reviews, for what they're worth ;)
  14. low end PSU .. limited connection ... will work, its a PSU ... but if i was you ... ill never buy it unless is for a web-word-excell CPU.

    Its your choice ! if you have big nice parts in it .....
  15. I mostly use dreamweaver, photoshop, illustrator, and some decent gaming like crysis, halo2 etc., so I guess I will have to upgrade the PSU sooner than later, but suppose this will have to suffice for now.
  16. If you cant ! you cant .... gives us some news about this PSU ! :D
  17. Once I get the PSU I am going to do some extensive testing on it.

    I wanna see how "clean" and stble the power is, and maybe see what I can do to prevent the interference this PSU causes to stereos etc.

    Any suggestions?
  18. Wow, I must say, PSU seems quite nice, working like a champ and quiet as can be. Mobo fired right up without 8800GTS, recognized all 4GB right off, but at a lower speed than I want (not a problem yet). Problem I'm having is that once I installed the 8800GTS, the PC freezes on POST screen with the DVD hooked up. Unhook the DVD (which worked just fine w/out gfx card), and pc fires right up.

    Trying to search forums for an answer...maybe an IRQ conflict? Not sure.
  19. Cannot get dvd to work when vid card is in...makes no irq conflicts, cant figure it out.

    If i hook the dvd up through sata, pc freezes during foxconn splash screen or after nvram check says OK....makes now sense.

    One or the other installed, pc runs like a raped ape...

  20. weirdo thing ! Maybe its the PSU ;)
  21. Not the PSU, I've tested it....even used a seperate PSU...even used two PSU's....put a load on the second one and used it to power all other not PSU....

    Anyway, pc is running's where I'm at...and for about $320 (plus HDD and DVD which I already had)

    Foxconn A74MX-K ($49)
    AMD X2 5000+ (brisbane) overclocked 3.12Ghz ($59)
    4GB GSKILL PI Black pc6400 oc'd@ 1044Mhz 1.92V 5-5-5-15 (should be 4-4-4-12 still working on timing) ($49)
    EVGA 8800gts 320MB (450 benchmark on vidcard stability test) ($110)
    HEC 585 Watt PSU (Orion585D) ($28)
    Arctic Cooler ($20)
    All this in stock DELL case :(

    Cpu's running @ 35 degrees, GPU @ 79 deg. after 2 hours of Gears Of War (running flawlessly..maxed out with NO lag)

    Vista Ultimate rating of 5.5 (cpu) everything else 5.9(max)

    Ran memtest86 for 5 hours no errors

    Now using PATA DVD w/no problems...craziness ;) (just need to use SATA)

    BTW, psu is extremely quiet, barely any heat at all coming from unit.

    Gonna get someone that knows how to test the PSU with voltometer or whatever is needed to properly test rails (dont know much about this).

    I read that I shouldn't change the PCI voltage if I'm overclocking the FSB and this true? What's the best way to overclockt this video card? or should I leave it seems to get quite hot as it is (was up to 90 degrees) an extra fan blowing on it (down to 79 deg. peak) and the northbridge.
  22. nice !!!!

    For the GPU eat. The stock cooling is nice, its the cooling controler that is aiming for silence. MANUAL the GPU fan with Ntune or EVGA precision. something like that.

    My 9800GTX+ run 800mhz 55c on full gaming. and DONT raise PCI volt if the OC is ok ....
  23. Thx for the info boulard...brought the benchmark up to 550 stable!

    And vidcard running at 75 degrees maxed :)

    Still cannot solve SATA problem, waiting for Foxconn reply.
  24. yeah it can be a MOBO probleme. you tried différent SATA connector on borad ? i run my HDD on 1-2 and DVD on 6 ...
  25. Tried everything except another PCIe vidcard, which is what foxconn is now recommending.

    Don't have another PCIe vidcard tho, and surely not buying one ;)
  26. Just a follow up on the PSU, it's working great. Now have 2HDD, DVD, 3 fans and 8800gts everything oc'd and plenty of stable power.

    Runs every game I have beautifully...Crysis, GOW, FarCry 2, Fallout 3, NFS Undercover, FEAR, WIC, and B&W 2 all maxed not a bit of lag.

    Btw, FarCry 2 is amazing.

    Ill be giving GTA 4 a try next...I hear it's quite resource intensive, so should be a good test ;)
  27. lol YES. GTA4 is badly optimized as i heard. need nice system.

    I didnt tryed it yet. maybe soon ... im on my Eve ONline demo ATM and i like it. NICE game ! AWESOMELY large solar sytem !
  28. Well...still waiting for GTA4, and now that rig is running nice, there is are two problems left.

    1. SATA DVD ...given up for now, just using PATA instead

    2. RAM timings stuck at 5-5-5-15.
    Since I don't have the option to change timings in bios, I'm hoping someone else has a better suggestion other than upping the voltage, as this has not worked either.

    btw, cpu and RAM are overclocked via FSB as I do not have the option to increase my cpu multiplier by any more than 13, even though I'm running the 5000+ BE...obviously this

    Any suggestions, much appreciated.
  29. Awesome, foxconn released bios update just today which allows for modifying RAM timings.

    Still only allow maximum cpu multiplier of 13, but hey I got the RAM timings at 4-4-4-12 easily....just need to make sure I have the trc set right, as it's at 24 now and is rated to be at 36 with these other timings...time to read more :)
  30. I actually have the same problem...A74MX-K stuck on "checking nvram..." when trying to boot with connected SATA blu-ray drive. My HDD is also SATA and I was wondering if your HDD is SATA also. I sent a question to technical support, hopefully they give me a different answer/solution, replacing the vidcard does not sound like a logical conclusion to me, I think it has something to do with the BIOS or sata controller...
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