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I have an hp s3321pc slimline and im looking to update the graphics card so i can actually play higher end games. and of course my computer can only use low profile cards ad i need help on finding one that will let me play games. my current graphics card is a Nvidia geforce 6150SE nforce 430, and it is integrated into my motherboard. i have found a couple of graphics cards that might help but im not sure. i don't wat to spend alot of money, around $150 or below would be good. please help me with this. the graphics cards im looking at are the ati hd 3650 512mb and a 7300 gs. im not sure if these are what im looking for please help. if there are any better low profile cards for gaming please tell me. thanks
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  1. jaksart does the mobo in that pc have a pci slot or a agp slot
  2. PCI slot
  3. jaksart what kind of games are you wanting to play on this pc ?
  4. i have orange box, bf2. bf2 runs fine orange box, not so great tf2 and half life ep1 and ep 2 dont run well and portal runs worst.
  5. if i can find a decent graphics card im going to get left 4 dead. i also have counter strike source it runs fine except for pixel shader maps
  6. jaksart look at this one :

    read down about 6 or 7 reviews
  7. its not low profile low profile means half height, look at this one in the photo it is only half as high as other graphics cards only low profile (half height) cards fit in my pci slot
  8. jaksart sorry forgot you said low profile.that card should work on all those game you don't have much space in that case do you.
  9. no i dont have much space in my case, so the card you think would work is the x1600? before i found that i was looking at hd 3650 512mb it had DX 10.1 and pixelshader 4 the x1600 only has DX 9 and pixel shader 3
  10. jaksart also for what you will pay for that card you could get a 9800gt,but I understand your limits on that pc.that 1600 should work just fine.
  11. 1600 or 1650, i just want to know what card will work the best for games
  12. jaksart that 3650 is a better deal and a better card than the 1600
  13. really? i thought the 1600 would be better, i heard people say that it was a good low profile gaming card
  14. jaksart did you read the reviews on the 3650 you linked to it will play bf2 also it will play unreal III thats not bad.
  15. it does look good it also says orange box and call of duty 4 play maxed.

    why was the 1600 so much more expensive?
  16. jaksart all I can figure is the place you would have brought it from,I bet it's cheaper on newegg.also the next pc you invest in build it yourself,pc's that are pre made are all limited to what you can put in it,and they charge a arm and leg for them.if you can replace a video card you can build a lot more pc for less money.hope this helps you out
  17. thanks!
  18. jaksart if you ever play cod4 and you see major53 in a site be easy on me I'm on up in the age and my reflex isn't what it was 20 year ago.hehe
  19. i don't have cod 4
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