Voltage Tuning 5000 Series ATI GPUs

Can you, and if so, does anyone have any results?
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  1. If it's the stock version of the 5800 series, then yes you can.

    The easiest way is if you have a MSI brand - so you don't have to flash the card, but it can be done with others.

    Quickly google search for overclock 5850...I believe the safest voltage (at least on the 5850) is 1.25.

    I have ran mine at 1.15 with 875/1175 - and running just a quick furmark to check for artifacts I noticed my FPS went up about 20-25 fps
  2. Not sure of the 5800s, but I know for the 5700s, XFX, MSI, and ASUS all can do it. Using MSI's Afterburner, it's range is 1.125 to 1.35.

    On my XFX 5770 though, I've got it at 1.2v @ 1GHz/1.4GHz.
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