Intel X25-M G2 80gb, Steam games freeze with AHCI enabled

I have an Intel X25-M G2 80gb SSD, and Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I recently enabled AHCI through Windows using the steps in this guide.

Everything has sped up, and up until now, I wasn't having any problems, so I assumed I had done it properly. Then, I went to fire up GTA IV, which I run through Steam, and it froze before I could even get into the game. I had to CTRL + ALT +DLT to get out of the game.

Remember, I enabled AHCI after the Windows installation. I had heard that it could be problematic, but up until now, everything had been going smoothly.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Well, if you that's the cause, have you tried disabling AHCI? Also, does it happen only for GTA IV, or for other games as well?
  2. it happens for all games, as well as any embedded videos on websites, besides youtube.
    I disabled AHCI, and now it all works..
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