Intel X25-M Solid State Drive 160gig

Fresh install of Win7 64bit and Intel SSD X25-M 160gig. I notice under C:\users there is no longer the folder c:\users\Username\appdata. I cannot find this folder anywhere. Anyone know where this folder is placed when you have an SSD. Also any tips, I have turned off defrag but anything else anyone experienced with SSD could advice me on. Thanks
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  1. It should be in the same area... you didn't install Windows into a different location, did you?
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    Appdata is a hidden folder, you won't be able to see it in Explorer unless you've changed your Explorer settings from their default.

    Click the "Organize" button, select "Folder and Search Options", click the "View" tab, and in the "Advanced settings" box scroll down to "Show hidden files, folders and drives" and make sure it's checked.
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