Just Purchased 1st Ever Gaming PC: Please Rate!

My First Build: Please Rate on 1-10 scale!
Case: Coolermaster Cosmos 1000
PSU: 750 Watt PC Power and Cooling
CPU: Q9550 2.83 ghz
GPU: Nvidia gtx 260
Hard Drive: Western Digital 640gb 7200rpm
DVD Burner: Samsung 22X DVD/RW
Monitor: 24" Samsung 1080p HDMI
Memory: 4 gb DDR2 800mhz OCZ
OS: Vista Home Premium 64-bit
Motherboard: Gigabyte EP45-DS3L
Fan: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro

Thanks for reading! I'm so frikin excited :D
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  1. 8.5
  2. 9.5 at that budget
  3. you should be excited
    i wish i can offered q9550 to my self
  4. 7.8
    If you get $300~ cpu then invest more then $25 in heatsink
    You don't need 750w psu for single card ;o
    For that money I would get 4870/4870x2
  5. I disagree with Alvin, the GTX260 and the HD4870 are for all practical purposes on the same tier in terms of power. More would be affected by game choice, mobo choice etc. than the actual power of the card. The HD4870 X2 is more powerful, but also costs $250 to $300 more. Spending an extra $20 to $30 on a quality 750w power supply is just good thinking that leaves room for any upgrade in the future (exp. a 5870X2)
  6. ^ His mobo has single pcie 2.0 .......I hope I will not see a day you need 750w psu for a single high end graphic card or we soon be having contracts to turn off pcs at night so there will be energy left for people lol
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