Recovering files from hard drive

hello, i have a hp pavilion dv6235us.

now it boots up to system recovery options, but it seems that my operating system does'nt show up and tells me to load the driver for my hard disk. So it seems that my hard drive might be defective.

my question is. Is there anything i can do to recover a couple of files in my hard drive?( very important files)

and is it possible to take out the hard drive and connect it to a desktop to recover it?

this is on vista
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  1. Yes, you can connect the hard drive to a desktop. Whether or not you can access the files depends on how broken the drive is though.

    In any case, this could be a simple matter of a corrupted OS. So try using a boot CD to gain access to your hard disk.
  2. ok so now that i connected the 2.5in drive to my desktop,

    it looks like the drive is completely empty when i use a drive recovery software

    and when i try to access it from My Computer is shows:

    "K:\ is no accessible.

    The Request could not be performed because of an I/O device error."

    harddrive never been dropped or placed near metal objects.

    what else can i do to recover my files?
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