Core i7 or q9550

been burning my eyes out reading reviews and just can't figure out what to get. im upgrading 2 computers. mine and my fiances. (giving her the p35 board and 4 gigs corsair) gettin her a e8400 dual. she don't use the pc much, but we do sometimes play games together coh, Warhammer ect.

tryin to fiure out imma be spending at least 530 for cpu, motherboard, and memory. is it realy worth it to foot the extra bill 180 dollars , and go the core i7 route?

imma be setting up a thin client to the main tv. wich will be fun purposes mainly. im comming from a pentium D 940. so yea i don't upgrade much and been missing alot im sure.

also might do some recoding, with my 9800gtx+ card uing tmperg, and the cuda plugin.

also some other things to note. iv been looking this up. and when i went the pentium D route i was a little new to the hardware game. and i went all out with a p5wd2-e premium asus motherboard. 2 months later conroe came o0ut and suddenly asus changed there mind about that motherboard supporting it ect. id hope something like this don't happen with core i7 and socket 1366, for a upgrade to an 8 core in the future. not to mention pentium D runs seriosly hot even with a big ol softball sized zalman cooler.
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  1. I'd look for closeout specials at Fry's on core2 or quad cores, especially on black friday. For price comparisons, Dell had an xps gaming setup with 920 core i7, 4 gigs of ddr3, 4850 video card, vista 64 premium, and 23 inch monitor for around $1000 until about 2 hours ago. Their prices generally change on wednesdays.
  2. pentium d sucks! go with better cpu for only a few dollars

    920 can run 3.8ghz and this about 4-5ghz of core 2

    if your not oc then the 920 is still better

    mobo is more but msi has a $220 one
  3. i already own the pentium D LOL! im upgrading from that, price of a core i7 has dropped a good amount, for 2 days being out.
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