hi,is there any kind of virus can write itself to blank cds/dvds and can write itself to BIOS?i think im affected by it.and what about it:i full scanned my computer and found it clean.i used fully updated kaspersky antivirus to do so.then i took some data in my pen drive from my computer and tried to scan it in my friend's computer and found 666 viruses friend also used a fully updated kaspersky same as mine.can someone help me?
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  1. It probably isn't a virus but you may have a Rootkit. Was your pen drive in your computer when Kaspersky scanned? Maybe Kaspersky wasn't instructed to look at it but your friend's instalaltion is set up differently and therefore found the threats.

    If you have a Rootkit you need some specialist utilities to find it but before you do that, you need some specific symptoms to make it worth all the effort. What is actually happening in your system?
  2. Run through the malware guide in my signature.
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