Asus P5Q Pro Onboard Sound

I was curious if there was any way to actually increase the volume.. I am using the onboard sound and have the volume setting on the bullhorn on the taskbar set to full as well as my monitor and headphone volume set to full yet I can vaguely hear sound with my headphones and only at moments on my monitor. I used the hd audio front panel connector as that is what it recommended (From Manual - "We recommend that you connect a high-definition front panel audio module to this connector to avail of the motherboard's high-definition audio capability" ) and made sure it was set in the bios to HD Audio.
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  1. This is very strange, as i also have a PQ-pro board without this issue.
    the only difference is that i am using the rear audio ports.

    Try disabling the front ports and test the audio through the rear, if this works it could be a fault with the adapter.

    there is also the option of a dedicated sound card if that fails as u may have a dodgy audio controller

    Good luck
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