SSD vs Raptor RAID 0?

Would it be worth it for me to upgrade to an SSD from two Raptor 10,000 RPM drives in RAID 0? Would the performance bump be significant???
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  1. I don't think the performance gain would be significant, but in this case a single SSD is much more reliable than two drives working in tandem under RAID 0.
  2. OMG- people RAID O makes it less reliable over time. Let me give you an example, if the reliability failure of one hard drive over three years is 5%, then having two drives gives you approximately 10%. It's governed by the following equation for RAID 0
    MTTF (mean time of failure for group apprx. 10%) = MTBF(mean time between failure of one disk)/(# 0f disks in drive array.). The previous answer needs to refer back to the difference between RAID 0 (Speed but not reliability) vs RAID 1 (Mirroring across two drives, not speedy).

    Col. Jim
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    Raptors have faster access times than other drives, but SSDs are about 50X faster yet again. RAID 0 doesn't really do anything to improve access times. For booting and starting applications (tasks where access times are important) going to an SSD would give you a significant improvement.

    For tasks that are more dependent on transfer rates (example: reading and writing large files quickly as in editing video or large RAW files from digital cameras), RAID 0 can bring raptors close to the performance of an SSD, and you'd probably not notice that much difference.
  4. I have run both configurations - Raptors in Raid 0 and X25 SSD's and the SSD on average beat the Raptors - handily. In some usages (isolated benchmarks) the Raid 0 Raptors get close to the SSD, but with the other uses the SSD pulls way out in front. Other than cost, I would recommend the SSD.

    Yes I agree that RAID 0 puts you at higher risk for a failure (I have done numerous MTBF calcs on storage systems) - but drives are so reliable nowadays that I would not use that as a reason to avoid RAID 0. A single drive can fail and take your data with it too. I always tell everyone to backup stuff they cannot afford to lose and verify the data is good. Drives are the single biggest bottleneck a system has to deal with and anything you do to improve its performance will visibly show up.

    That SSD has made such a big difference in my system those two Raptors are sitting on my shelf - probably put them in the kids computer....
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  6. Thank you for your input. I have owned the raptors for under two years and I will have seen some studies that show windows boots up twice as fast. However, I will wait until the price comes down to a $1 per GB to buy. Right now, we are at $3 to $5 a GB (Aprox). It will take a couple years but it will happen..
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