I need larger partition please help

hello im still having the same problem i cannot make a partition over 4gb when i do it through disk management and when i use the tool from http://www.partition-tool.com/personal.htm it does not allow me to apply changes unless i buy please help. i need to make a larger partition with alteast 10gb
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  1. Are you using a file system that supports partitions larger than 4 GB (NTFS, FAT32, etc.)?

    Also, does the drive you are attempting to partition have enough space available for the new partition?

  2. i am running a 32 bit operating system and it has NTFS it has more than 100GB free and i just need 10 gb
  3. XP by any chance? slap in the XP disk, boot off that, go fix properties or something, wait, /help to come up with list of commands, do the formatting one, or partition one, cant remember exactly, and easily make as many partitions as you want. Worked perfectly for me on a old duron system for the sake of doing it.
  4. no im running on windows 7 32 bit
  5. Same may apply to W7, could try my technique either way
  6. I had to buy Easus to partition a Win7 Ultimate system.....did not go well.....required a repair which Windoze handled after 3 reboots.

    Here's an option:

  7. Hello , i had the same problem . Just use an older version of Seagate Disc Wizard , even if your hdd isn Seagate . Make sure you try and find the odler version of Seagate Disc Wizard which has specifc options , so that you can use the drive over 4gb .
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