I recently replaced a lot of components (CPU, RAM, mobo, gfx card, and power supply). I kept my DVD drives and hard drive. When I boot my computer with the Foxconn utility CD in the drive, the screen that should allow me to install the AMD chipset driver and such does not appear. Instead, I see a screen with the Foxconn logo, and after that, a screen with a blinking underscore. The motherboard recognizes both DVD drives and my hard drive, and I have tried putting the disk in both drives and explicitly booting from both drives.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Why dont you just install windows and when you're in the OS dig through the CD for the AMD drivers and install them that way?

    or can you not get into windows yet?

    im confused
  2. Yes, you should install Windows (boot from the windows CD like you're trying to boot from the mobo cd), and then run the Foxconn setup cd.
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