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Hello everyone
I recently posted about having problems overclocking my Phenom II X4 955. After trying all of the advice i was given i still incountered the problem of the PC crashing at anything above stock. Well as of now my system is OC'ed a small 200Mhz and is running stable. I ran prime95 for about 20 mins and the temp leveled out at 58C. What i did to get this OC was double check everything in the bios and i found some power saving settings that were still enabled. so i disabled everything and then used overdrive to change the multiplier to 17 from 16 and i took the core voltage up to 1.384. i also raised the NB VID up to 1.1125. After doing those settings i have a stable 3.4Ghz. I know that i cant go much higher if any because of the temps but i am trying to find out what voltages should be changed to do a proper OC? Is it just the core voltage or the HT voltage or the NB voltage and /or all of theses? When i have done OC'ing before i only had to change the core voltage and nothing else. So what voltages should i be changing? Thank you all for your responses.
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    Set to default voltage (1.35V i think), and rise ONLY the multiplier till x18, with this you can get 3.6GHz stable.
  2. i cant get that with my system. i cant even put the multiplier up to 16.5 without it crashing at stock voltage. Also since my last post my pc did crash at 17x multiplier and 1.384 volts. so i guess prime95 didnt do a very good job on its part.
  3. I have the same processor, with a K9A2 Platinum, and with 1.35V and the multiplier at x18 i can get the 3.6GHz stable.

    Remember that you must disable the c'n'q
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