Just bought a new monitor and am curious what you think

My old Viewsonic CRT was dying on me so I replaced it with an HP w2408h- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824176090&Tpk=HP%20w2408H

Now, I know the basics about monitors but nothing about what the specs actually come out to when it's all said and done. I've read some reviews that said the color fidelity is bad and that it is slower than 5ms, then other reviews say it's a great purchase, decent for gaming etc. I spent 399.99 for this thing and I was wondering if there are any comparable, if not better 24" monitors for that price.

My situation- I like to game, I am using the monitor as a TV (not HD) and therefore I would prefer a flexible base, I am kind of a purist when it comes to accurate color representation, and I want the best value for my dollar. I am not above ordering monitors but I am extremely leery about dead pixels so I more or less am pigeonholed to pick things out locally. Other monitors I came across were the Samsung T240 and the LG W2452T but I came across more bad reviews on these than the HP I bought.

Some things I noticed were that the viewing angle is pretty bad, and when I play Warcraft 3 the blacks completely get washed out in the top and bottom parts of the screen. Washed out meaning they look like as if I were looking at them from a vertical angle and it's slightly irritating, is this normal for monitors?

Was this a good purchase and/or is there something considerably better out there? I am willing to pay about $450 max for a monitor but if the difference is slight then I will keep what I have.

Thanks for any feedback, it's much appreciated.
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  1. Ralavik,
    It sounds like you bought a TN panel monitor.They have fast response times,are cheap to buy but have the worst color reproduction.You can tell the TN panels buy how washed out they look when your not directly in front of them.The next step up would be VA or PVA panels.They have better color and viewing angles but,response times are generally slower than TN panels.The best panels for faithful color reproduction are the IPS panels.They also have fast response times but,as you can probably guess,they are also the most expensive.If you look around the Forums here and www.avsforum.com
    you can find alot of valuable info about different panel types.I have an NEC PVA 24" monitor that I really like.I paid $730 for it.They have a better IPS panel but,it cost $1140
  2. Yeah, the viewing angle I can live with but I noticed now that there is bleeding around the edges almost about an inch in from each side. Is this normal? I'm having second thoughts about this monitor but I don't know if this is average for a display of this price point; this is my first LCD monitor.
  3. This is only my second LCD but,I don`t think that much bleeding is normal if you`re looking at it straight on.It doesn`t sound right to me.I had a Viewsonic 22" that looked pretty good straight on I don`t remember mine doing that.After about 9 months,it started to fade pretty bad and the colors looked washed out and that`s why I decided to spend more and get a good one.Alot of people liked the Benq but,I read too many problems about them.NEC has a good reputation and that`s why I decided to buy one of their`s this time.So far.I`m very happy with it.
    I think there might be something wrong with your monitor though from what you describe.
  4. I have a 20 inch starmicro, (office max in store brand), and it has a 12ms response time, but .256 dot pitch. I prefer the lower dot pitch rating for sharpness, even with a higher response time. It was only $180 at the time, and the price dropped to $150 when they sold out. I believe they were made by viewsonic.
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