Failing to boot with new memory

Just bought 2x2gb OCZ 6400 DDR2 to replace my old 4x512mb corsair 6400. Removed all the old corsair sticks and tried the new OCZ in the slots that the manual tells me to use, didnt work, so I tried every different combo of the 4slots still didnt work.

Basically what happens is; I press the power button the computer starts(fans spin etc) for 3~5seconds then it swiches off, then repeats over and over. On/Off/On/Off

Installed the old 512mb sticks and it boots fine.

Any ideas guys :(
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  1. Try each stick individully to see if one of them is faulty.
  2. What is your MB? Will it accept 2 GB per stick?
  3. Motherboard is a Gigabyte DS3L(GA-P35-DS3L) ; Pretty sure it can handle 2gb sticks its not that old.

    Will try each stick tonight, and update you


    P.S - Does the constant rebooting mean one stick is dead?
  4. Try resetting the Cmos as well.

    Sometimes the mobo dont realize you changed ram and it loads the volts timings that the old ram needed, and the new ram needs different volts/ timings to run.
  5. How would I go about doing that, and is it easy? I dont wanna go messing stuff up
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