i7 965 or QX9770?

I am looking to build a new system next month and was planning on using the QX9770 but now that the i7 965 is out I was wondering if I should go that route. Are there any benchmarks which compare these two CPU's? Is the QX9770 more of a workhorse than the i7? Thanks for any help... Primary use will be bragging rights!
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  1. Go for the i7. Not only is it faster, it is $500 cheaper.
  2. Bragging rights? LOL. Okay.

    Get the Core i7 965, a motherboard with triple GPU (SLI or Crossfire), and 2 or 3 GPUs, all try to fill all the memory slots too. 12GB would still be triple channel, I believe.

    Here's a clip from a review, that mentions the lowly Core i7 920...now just imagine what they would've said about the 965.
    If we take the Core i7 920 as shown today, we still are a little in disbelieve .. 284 USD is surely a lot of money for an entry level quad core processor, but the fact is .. it's a very good amount faster than todays most high-end 1300 USD QX9770 processor.

    Guru3D review
  3. i'd say the choice would be between i7 and q9550
  4. i7 for sure!
  5. Core i7 920
  6. Cool! Thanks everyone for youe help! I think I will fo foe the 965... Thanks
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