In need a of a cheap dual dvi card with DX10.1

I'm looking for a cheap dual dvi card to run dual 1680x 1050 res. The dual monitors will be an extension of my vista desktop. I currently have four monitors. First two run on 4850 with one being my gaming monitor. Second two need a card.

I'm looking for something like this and around this price range but with DX10.1:
-I'm guessing this would be plenty powerful enough to run vista desktop (1680x1050 X2), but I've never experimented with lower end cards like this.

I also need the card to be as short as possible as I will be running it in a pcie x1 slot. --I've cut the back plastic of the pcie slot open to allow a larger card to insert in (this works, I've tested it). And, I need the card to run on only the power given to it from the bus on the motherboard ~75w i think.

Anyone know of any cards that they've used or heard of that meet this criteria? Also, do I need DX10.1 since I am running vista with SP1, or is everything in 10.1 in 10 but just an option? Couldn't discern this as I read through previous threads.
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  1. TBH, i dont think your going to find anything even close to what you say you need.
  2. Radeon 3650 or maybe 4650 if you can find them should work. I have seen a few 3650s on Newegg for around 55$ AR. Both are pretty short, I got a 3650 running in my HTPC with no size problems (Apevia X-QPack), and neither one of them need a power connector, run off PCI-E power only.
  3. Will a PCI-e with only 1x size deliver the same 75watts that a x16 lane will? I'm just asking, I don't know either way.
  4. Thanks for all of the input. I looked at the 3650's and 4650's and couldn't find a card cheap enough for the little use it would do. I think I'll wait and pick up one of those in 6 months or so.

    I ended up giving life to my old x1950gt, although very long and requiring zip ties to help hold in place it now works well. I have a sli PSU so adding the extra 6 ping power was easy.

    Dekasav said:
    Will a PCI-e with only 1x size deliver the same 75watts that a x16 lane will? I'm just asking, I don't know either way.

    Yes, it will deliver the same 75 watts. If you look at pci card the first notch of pins is what delivers the card its power. The second much larger slot is the full 16 lanes. In a 1x pcie slot the first notch and only about one inch or so of the second slot fit into the expansion bay. The MB and card boot and adjust only accessing one lane of the interface.

    I was skeptical of this until I tried it as my MB only has 1 16x and 2 1x slots and I didn't want to buy another MB or expensive 1x vga card to achieve a 4 monitor setup.

    On a side note I used a utility knife to cut out the back of the 1x expansion slot so as to allow for my full 16x card to fit in... be careful and take your time doing this. A quick slip can damage your MB :ouch:
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