LF Sound Card Recommendations for my needs.

I am using the z5500 logitech speakers and would like to upgrade for sound.

Sound is the onboard Realtek HD

Vista 64 bit
6 GB Ram
500 gb hard drive

Budget of 50-150.

So far looking at the:
Asus D2

Creative X-fi Titanium
Creative X-fi Titanion (higher end)
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  1. what do you want it for?
    music play back, games, recording...
  2. First off, Creatives cards are hit or miss. If you have a nforce motherboard, don't even consider a Creative card.

    If you are willing to take the chance, the Creative card is the best all around solution.

    If not, you have two choices:

    The ASUS D2 (or the PCI-E equivalent, the D2X) is better suited for a htpc than for gaming, but does both well.

    The Razer Barracude AC-1 is a good budget sound card that I personally think sounds better than creatives cards, but only recently got signed drivers for 64-bit vista (after two years of waiting...).
  3. I have a
    ABIT IP35 Pro LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard

    I don't believe it's nforce and was recommended to me.
  4. thanks for answering my question...

    i persoanlly wouldnt buy a creative card, because creative are tending to suck a bit with drivers and compatibity and the like.

    i would get on of the auzentech card, they use the same great x fi chip made buy creative on there own PCB with there drivers.
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