80mm "Case" fan on CPU heatsink OK?

I actually posted the meat of this in the CPU section since I'm not at all familiar with overclocking, but this seems the more appropriate section...

Is there any reason I can't use an 80mm "case" fan screwed to the top of my 478 socket heatsink to replace the busted intel stock item (c332318-002) for a 3.2 Ghz Northwood /512/800 P4 on my ASUS p4p800e-dlx? what kind of specs would it have to have if that were possible?

I also have an older solid aluminum bi-directional with a foxconn on top from my 1.7ghz VAIO would that fan/sink work better than the 4 way copper-core with a case fan on top?

Or do I have to find a new 478 cooler altogether (which is getting harder to do)? And if so anything decent for under 20 bucks?
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  1. No there is no reason why you can't use a 80mm case fan on a 478.

    HOWEVER, do be careful as to get a fan with a 3 pin cable, not a Molex as some motherboards refuse to boot if it doesn't detect a CPU fan plugged in.
  2. w00t! totally bitchin'!! Thanks, saves much effort and fundage!

    Any thoughts on the heatsink - is the solid aluminum bi-dir or the copper core 4-way a better base to use for such a thing?
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