how'd you cool your sli/cf?

there must be somebody out there who can cool sli/cf...what did you do?
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  1. well, i've got a big 250mm fan blowing on my pcie card slots
  2. that xclio case just rocks.
  3. antec 900 does all the work.
  4. I have 2 120mm fans blowing on my 2 8800 GTS 512.And they work great.the cards are OC and the card fan is set at 40% thats inaudible.They NEVER go over 66 degres.And also there is only 2mm space between the cards.
  5. I like to use the coldness of space, but you do need a really long DVI cable.
  6. Superhal said:
    that xclio case just rocks.

    Haha, yeah it does. They came out with a newer model of it that has a 360mm fan on the side panel. talk about insane. Anyways I will be upgrading to the Cosmos S case in a few weeks.
  7. With a decent case it shouldn't be too hard. Probelm could be the stock VGA coolers for some models.

    For me, I run sli 8800GT and an OC'ed Q6600 in a small quiet Sonata II case, so it took a little work to keep it cool in hot Summer months.

    1) Zalman VF-900's instead of the single slot 8800GT coolers.
    2) Modified the Sonata II intake ductwork to feed the graphics cards instead of the CPU.
    3) Installed an AC freezer 7 pro to cool the CPU instead of Intel cooler (that needed that air intake blowing into it.

    That's it really. Load temps for the 8800GT's are now both 60-65 vs 80-90, and I'm using the included fanmates to lower the voltage/rpm to the VF-900 fans (so gpu temps could still be lower running 12v).
  8. Thermaltake Armour case is working well for me with the optional 25 cm fan on the case window/door.
    I also added the Thermaltake Cyclo slot fan which I have installed between my two 9800GX2's to exhaust the hot air between them more efficiently.
    Bumping up the fan speed on the cards works well too.
  9. case with good airflow. fans moving plenty air and u can always increase fan speed on the graphic card.
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