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I have a quick question about power supplies for a new build I am planning on starting. I have always heard good things about the PC P&C, Corsair, and others and I decided I was going to buy one from them rather than the normal POS ones I buy. I'm tempted though by this power supply from OCZ


because I then get the hard drive I had planned on using anyway basically for free. I was mainly wondering if this was still a mid-upper or upper level PSU. Has anyone had any experience with their PSUs or heard anything about them? Thanks.

Oh, and the system I plan on building will incorporate my existing ATI 4850 (and maybe another later on) and possibly a Phenom II X4 if they turn out decent.
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  1. You should be careful with this one. While I can't find 100% proof, I believe the ModXstream line is a rebranded FSP "Epsilon" model. (I'm not sure if the pro at the end means anything.) While not horrible, the epsilon does have a noise/ripple issue with the 12V rail. Considering the state of rebate companies right now, I'd probably pass on that unit. You might not get that $20, and seeing as you'd spend over $100 out the door for that unit, I'm not impressed.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I assume PSUs like this


    Are still top notch, right?
  3. that one is good, but i'd suggest a corsair power supply. newegg has a 650W one for $70 after rebate.
  4. Yeah, the PC P&C is $70 after MIR too. I don't really need the extra wattage, so I guess I can just flip a coin. I always sort of wanted a PC P&C though.
  5. Can't go wrong with Corsair or PCP&C.

    OCZ makes great gear--but not as uniformly as the other 2. Whereas the ModExtreme line does not have a good reputation, their StealthExtreme does.

    E.g., I bought this one, after reading multiple, unequivocally positive reviews. Depending on your power needs, it is a steal at $45, free shipping. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817341010 Their EliteExtreme line is based off of PCP&C technology, but the StealthExtreme line is not, as far as I know.

    Splurge and get the PCP&C. Cry once, and not have to second guess. We are only talking a couple of bucks.
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