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I have a ATI 2900 Pro Radeon.

What is an acceptable temperature to keep the card at in normal non-gaming use? Now I keep it at ~60C.

I want to be as quiet as possible.

I use stock cooler, should I invest in a new? What brand and model are good, and how much will they be able to reduce the temperature at the same time as keeping the noise level to an absolute minimum?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hello there,

    I am using the same card with an idle between 36-42 celsius depending on room tempurature.

    I upgraded to the cooler from Arctic Cooling, the Accelero Xtreme 2900 and I can only really hear the fans when the room is quiet and fans are around 85%-100% speed.

    Even while gaming I've not seen my temperature go past 63 celsius and thats with a large overclock on it.

    I've no experience with other aftermarket coolers though I believe Thermalright makes a couple for the 2900 series.
  2. I looked at some reviews of the Accelero Xtreme 2900, and it seems perfect.

  3. Use GPU-Z to check temperatures and fan speeds. You can use Rivatuner to increase the fan speed if you want to.

    80-90 is average
    115 is threshhold
    127 burnout
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